MEMI students take a variety of different courses: a methods course, research seminars, ancient language classes, modern language classes, as well as auxiliary science courses.

And, at the heart of the program, the interdisciplinary seminar.

The medieval methods and sources course aims to teach students about different research methods in order to initiate them in the domain of medieval research.  Students are presented with not only the basic rules of scholarly work and bibliographical and documental resources found on the internet, but also with specific advice and tips concerning a certain discipline (history, art history, archeology, literature/philosophy, law, and musicology)

These different sessions also aim to help students choose and define a research topic in one of the disciplines mentioned, while exposing them to interdisciplinary ideas.

Finally, general advice for a master’s thesis is also given – in particular concerning the bibliography, the text, and footnotes.

Grading for this course is based on a test where students are to retrieve bibliographical information from the internet during the last class period, as well as on a presentation of references according to norms that coordinate with the student’s chosen research topic.