Goal of the Degree

The Master’s Program of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies (MEMI) in Strasbourg wishes to expose students to diverse aspects about the Middle Ages.

During the Middle Ages, the same individual could, in one single day, practice his or her profession, wish for salvation, take interest in literary works and through which, possibly speak or uses two or three languages, admire a work of art ...

Nowadays, some medievalists specialize in medieval agriculture, others in fortifications, others still in works of art, literary texts, law, thought, material vestiges, manuscripts …  The Master’s Program of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies wishes to heighten students’ awareness of the enormous wealth of the Middle Ages under all aspects of its diversity.

The principle of this program is to allow students – but also instructors! - to discover the Middle Ages not only through their own discipline, but also through a diverse range of possible disciplines.

That is why our program cooperates with :

The program also unites professors and researchers belonging to the following research groups: